Im Menü „Workshops“ findet ihr alle bisherig durchgeführten Workshops und die, die geplant sind.
Diese können über mehrere Wochen oder aber auch nur einen Abend gehen, das kommt ganz darauf an, was der Inhalt des Workshops ist.
Also schaut einfach immer wieder vorbei falls ihr gerne teilnehmen wollt.

Wenn du selber einiges an Wissen über ein bestimmtes Thema hast und gerne einen Workshop dazu anbieten möchtest, melde dich doch bei einem unserer Betreuer.

6 Gedanken zu „Workshops

  1. Just had my yearly review today. It’s funny how when your company commits to freezing salaries, it drastically diminishes how you perceive the importance of the review.In other news, Don Harrold (that crazy day/swing trader that loves to make fun of Cramer and CNBC) called this the bottom to oil. Although I don’t play any of his calls, this guy has an unbelievable track record.One last thing. I noticed that Bi has disclaimed his DJIA to 10K call. Was the disclaimer really necessary?

  2. Phil,Every entrepreneur I know should read this great article. I can see the art of ‘unplugging’ as you call it help with health, relationships, productivity…well the list is endless. Thanks for bringing this very important aspect of living to the forefront.Kiyla

  3. Gerry,“雁入“ should be „雇入“. Sorry, my bad. It means „hire“ in English.“ä»®“ should be an old Chinese, but I didn’t have one, so I used modern caracter. It is used for „assumption“. „Even if Usando did exist, it would be hard to find…“ Does it make sence to you?As for „里“ in 1913, I hope we can have clues someday.

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